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Battery warnings
HunterPro torches utilise high power 26650 8,000mAh 3.7V batteries. There is a risk of damage and fire due to misuse.

1) Keep away from children.

2) Do not puncture, disassemble or modify batteries in any way.

3) Do not dispose of in fire or temperatures above 100°C

4) When not in use, store batteries safely, keeping the terminals out of contact from any conductive materials.

5) Batteries may explode or leak if mistreated.

6) Do not connect or charge batteries improperly.

7) Please make sure that the batteries are inserted into the torch correctly (positive side facing downwards, inside the torch's battery barrel).

Inserting batteries the wrong way will damage the flashlight due to their high power capacity. This will void any warranties.

Brightness warnings
HunterPro torches are extremely bright. Intended for mature adult use only.

❌ Light output can permanently damage eye sight if projected directly at eyes of humans and animals.

❌ Light output can and will disrupt planes and helicopters, resulting in large fines and possible imprisonment.

❌ We do not recommend users under 18 years old handling this flashlight without close adult supervision.